Friday, December 7, 2007

On the Sixth Day of Crafting: Gifts for Nieces

Okay, I may not have posted yesterday due to a rather stressful and busy evening, but that doesn't mean I wasn't sewing up a storm! Yesterday I made aprons and play food for Adam's three nieces, Sunny, Grace and Annie. Each girl gets an apron, a pizza, and cookies. If I can find some at the dollar store I might throw in some small wooden spoons or rolling pins as well.The pizza crust is actually perfectly round, but it looks quite lumpy in the picture because it's filled with rice, so the kids can mold it and roll it flat to make their pizzas. I made a similar pizza for Autumn with loose "cheese," but this time I glued it onto the sauce because I learned that, while it's cute to let her sprinkle it on the pizza herself, all those little pieces end up everywhere and make a big mess. I think I may add a few loose pepperonis though. Today's project is still in progress, so I'll post on that later this evening.

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Faye said...

those look great!