Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On the Fifth Day of Crafting: A Lumpy Wreath

I woke up this morning to see a few flurries dancing outside our window. The flurries called their friends down from the clouds and within the hour everything was dusted with a soft sprinkling of powdered sugar snow. They say the first snow of the season is a magic snow, so I made a wish that I would get all of my holiday crafting done on time. That magic snow has been coming down hard ever since, making everything clean and white.

The snowy backdrop inspired me to make something to decorate the outside of our house; a wreath. I covered a Styrofoam hoop with thick batting, then alternated red and green pieces all the way around, with a few white muslin bits here and there. It's a little lumpy and uneven, but quite pretty all the same. We've already gotten compliments on it from family and neighbors.

Speaking of lumpy and uneven, I cut my hair again today. This time I was sitting on the sofa, watching Dr. Phil and feeling a little bored, so I decided to give myself bangs. Does anyone else change their hair when they're bored? No? Ah well. I like them. And ignore Adam's messy office in the background. I am in no way responsible for that foolishness. However, our living room does currently look like a Joann Fabrics exploded, so I really can't talk.

Note the adult language on the mirror behind me. That was a birthday gift I made for Adam last year.
I've also been working almost nonstop on ornaments, which I haven't taken pictures of yet. I think I'm going to wait until we decorate our tree and then make an ornament post showing all of my many, many, many creations.


Faye said...

wow I really like the bangs. I am sorry that we were unable to hang tonight, and I look forward to trying again Saturday night.
I really like the wreath as well.

capello said...

i don't cut my hair since my disasters scalping of myself in junior high.

oh yeah, i rock.

and hey! love the wreath! that's why i have planned for all that holiday fabric i bought. if only i could get active...