Thursday, March 12, 2009

no vacancy

Adam's 14-year-old nephew, Daniel, has moved in with us. His parents are going through a difficult divorce and we've all decided that this is the best place for him to be right now. So with the three of us plus Adam's mom, Daniel, a dog and two rats, this place is getting pretty full.

I'm glad we can help both Michele and Daniel out, but I have to say I really miss when it was just the three of us. We all have a lot less privacy and personal space than we were used to, and it's been stressful to say the least. I had to sort of step back and take a break from everything (including blogging, obviously) for a while to take some time to adjust. I wish I could say I wasn't having such a hard time with this, but that's the truth.

Things are getting easier as time goes on, though. I try to just keep myself busy and stay out of the way. I just hope that one day I'll be able to feel comfortable in my own home again.