Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the Eleventh Day of Crafting: Why am I doing this to myself?

Ha. Well. The past few days have been unpredictably busy, leaving very little time for crafting, so of course I fell way, way behind. BUT before you lose all faith in me I am getting back on track now, and only have a few more things to complete tomorrow on the last day of my Christmas crafting marathon.

I've finished two scarves for nephews Luke and Evan, in the colors of their favorite football teams...Three stockings are hung from the DVD shelf with care...Pirates for Autumn, Superman for my geeky boy love, and stripes as my homage to stripey tights. Why is mine facing the wrong way? Good question. Anyway, I also completed a few more goodies for our tree and a special gift for my good friend Faye, which I won't post pictures of yet because she reads this blog (no peeking Faye!), but I'm sure she will love it. Speaking of Faye, she made me something awesomely awesome for the tree this year, which I'll show you all tomorrow. Hopefully!

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Faye said...

I made you the coolest thing ever last night, which I will not post anywhere, cause you read my blog, and you read craftster! No posting for me! The stockings look great, I love the Superman one.