Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm sure by now many of you have heard about the massive fire devastating southern California. My mom just called to ask me to search online for a pet-friendly hotel for her to stay in, because she and my little sister Emanhi have been evacuated. She lives next to a freeway, and the flames are right on the other side. She told me they can see other houses burning. My mom bought her condo just two years ago, and it's the first home she's ever owned. She worked so hard and saved up for years so she could stop renting tiny apartments and have a place of her own, and now she might lose the beautiful home she loves so much.
This fire is completely out of control, and thanks to stubborn people who refuse to evacuate, the fire department is wasting more time rescuing people from their homes than actually fighting the fire. I know this is a stretch, but if anyone in San Diego who's been asked to evacuate is reading this, PLEASE leave your houses immediately so that more time can be spent on fighting the fire. By staying at home you are draining valuable resources and risking the homes of people like my mom and little sister. This is not the time to be selfish.

Photos courtesy of Yahoo News.


Faye said...

I hope everything works out well for your mom and Emanhi. I know that this is totally off topic, but you changed your banner, and it is SOOO Cute. Who took the pic? Hope to see you soon (with crafty stuff in tow)

little dresses said...

Wow! I hate those pictures! No offense! My hubby is a firefighter and it is rough to see those kind of pics. I hope your mom stays safe!

Frank said...

When I heard that people were refusing to leave, I couldn't believe it! The drain on resources is incredible. How selfish! I understand it can't be an easy decision to make, but my goodness.

ladylinoleum said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. It's really bad out there. So many people displaced by the flames.

The sky is very spooky in SoCal right now. Ominous.