Thursday, October 4, 2007

Miss Luna

It started with a random polymer clay head I sculpted on a whim while watching Oprah yesterday. I thought it looked pretty cute, so I decided to bake it even though I had no idea what I'd do with it after that. I've never sculpted any sort of face before, so I was surprised at how pretty and whimsical it looked. The head sat staring up at me on my craft room table for an hour or two while I worked on other things and tried to think of something I could do with it. At first I was going to use a glass jar and a teacup for her body and make her into a funky art doll to sit in my craft room. But once again I was inspired by Autumn and ended up making something for her. After some experimenting, some frustration with a jammed sewing machine (thank you for fixing it Adam) and a lot of hot glue, the head became Luna.
Luna is a dream fairy who watches over children at night and uses her magic dream wand to help them sleep soundly. Her body is stuffed with polyester fiber and beans to give her balance since she's a bit top heavy. Get a load of those stripey legs! I love them. Her wings are felt, her hair is more polyester fiber, and her scarf is a piece of trim from my own childhood security blanket. After I finished her I snuck into Autumn's room and perched her on top of her night light. When she woke up this morning she gasped upon seeing Luna and whispered, "You're beautiful!" This is the first doll I've ever made and I do think that, imperfections and all, she is very beautiful.
And yes, Autumn did have a good dream last night.

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Faye said...

ok you are (and I have said this before) AMAZINGLY talented! I love Luna, she is so nifty looking, plus the whole good dream fairy thing, absolutely brilliant. Autumn is one lucky lady to have such a cool mom.