Friday, August 10, 2007

Fairy Day

Autumn likes to create "holidays" on which we celebrate the theme of her choice. This time it appears that a very stealthy little blue fairy named Twinkle has crept into our house and turned Autumn into a fairy. To celebrate her transformation we ate fairy toast, read fairy tales and did some fairy themed artwork. I printed out a few fairy coloring pages for Autumn to color and hang on the wall, and I was shocked at how good she's gotten at coloring inside the lines. When I praised her for this her reply was "Yeah, but sometimes I just get excited and I just have to scribble." Don't we all?
Taking inspiration from this great project idea, we made magic fairy bracelets out of toilet paper rolls, paint, stickers and ribbon. This was her favorite activity of the day. There's nothing I love more than watching Autumn be creative. Her imagination is like wildflowers; simple little ideas that grow and blossom into the most beautiful, joyous bursts of color and life. Even on the darkest, stormiest summer days she carries a bright, contagious energy with her at all times. Even though she is just three years old, she has taught me so much about life. There is no time for moping around. There are paints to mix, imaginary friends to create, costumes to wear, life to be lived.

Here's hoping your days are as magical as ours.

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Kristen said...

Fairy Day is the best day! Thanks for sharing!