Friday, September 19, 2008

arr, it be thinkin' friday

"So Heave her up and away we'll go,
Heave aweigh (Heave aweigh!) Santy Ano.
Heave her up and away we'll go,
We're bound for Californi-o"

--19th century sea shanty

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye scurvy dogs!


Anonymous said...

umm....arrr... i be comin straight 2 yer blog since i knew autumn wouldnt let ye pass up on this one!!

Faye said...

I can't believe I forgot to call you for Pirate day!?!?! GRRRR, kind of like arg, except not.. Sorry!

Christopher And Tia said...

Wow. You have a giant Jack Sparrow.

Anonymous said...

I love pirates! she's soo cute! arrrggggg Hey I MISS YOU LADY! Haven't seen you on laundro much. :(

I started my own blog and you are featured in my links yay! lol of course you are my inspiration :)


so NOT cool said...

My daughter, X, and I just fell in love with your zombie dolls. And, possibly, with you too. :)