Wednesday, July 16, 2008

two years

I don't write about Adam on this blog as much as he deserves to be written about. Maybe it's because it's so hard to put into words how incredibly happy he makes me.

When we met I was a single mom, very young, but wanting someone I could settle down with. Barely out of high school, I felt too old for the guys I met. My life was going in a different direction than most of my peers. They wanted to party, I wanted a family. They wanted college dorms, I wanted a house in the suburbs. Then I met Adam.

It scared me, how quickly I fell for him. In a matter of weeks I was in love. It was different from the infatuation I had felt with others before him. Real, complete, beautiful, imperfect love. Being with him was, and still is, like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. Like curling up under a well-loved blanket. It's comfortable and warm and it just feels right.

Adam brings me ice cream and brownies when I've had a bad day, and celebrates with me when I've had a good one.

He believes in me when I don't.

He takes me to the fabric store and when I come out an hour later, greets me with smiles and hugs instead of complaints.

He tells me I'm beautiful when I'm wearing an oversized t shirt, pajama pants and bird's nest hair. And even better, he really means it.

He treats Autumn like she has always been his. She absolutely adores him. He's introduced her to his nerdy hobbies like comic books and LARP and D&D.

He is the Uber Nerd, assembled from the parts of lesser nerds. And yet he is incredibly charming and fun and not at all what you might expect someone like him to be. He can talk to anyone, anywhere. We go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy towels and the next thing I know he's having a 15 minute conversation with someone he's never met before.

He's forever loyal to his friends and family, even when they don't seem to appreciate it.

At night after Autumn goes to bed we watch crappy reality TV or a bad horror movie and make fun of it together.

His wit is razor sharp. He has a comeback for almost anything you can throw at him, the kind of responses most people only think of ten minutes later. And yet every so often he'll tell the corniest joke or the most groan-worthy pun that only makes him even more adorable.

He supports me in everything I do. When I decided to close my old Etsy shop and start making zombies, he was right there with me. When I told him I want to give our back deck a super tacky makeover, complete with astro turf and plastic flamingos, he told me to go for it.

I could go on and on about how awesomely awesome this man is, about how he knows just how to make me laugh when I'm crying, about all our stupid coupley things we do, like slow-motion fistfights and throwing grade school insults at each other for no particular reason. I could spend at least ten minutes just writing about his magnificent hair and sleepy puppy eyes.

But instead I'll just say happy second anniversary, babe! I love you.


Carolyn...Online said...

"imperfect love" Such a great line. He sounds great. Congrats on the anniversary.

capello said...

happy anniversary! he sounds like a keeper!

Faye said...

I can't believe it has been 2 years. I love hanging out with you guys, always feels comfortable, and I love watching you all interact with each other. People may tell Adam how lucky he is to have you (and you know all his friends have!) but you are just as lucky to have him, you are a great match and I wish you two all the happiness you could wish for in the future. Better friends I could not ask for!