Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summertime simplicity

Today I found myself amazed at how much fun Autumn can have with the simplest of toys. A painted stick, some strips of cloth and ribbon kept her giggling and running in circles this afternoon.

I've been finding tons of inspiration from crafty blogs around the 'net for simple, creative activities for us to try this summer. We've found that some of the easiest, quickest projects seem to be the most fun. Lately I've been particularly inspired by the Fun for Nothin' Flickr Group from Meg of Sew Liberated. It's brimming with wonderful ideas and photos of kids doing what kids do best; having fun without fancy expensive toys or electronics.
I think that as parents we sometimes forget that children know how to have fun. Kids don't actually require the latest singing, talking, light-up, voice activated whatever to be happy. Ever watch a toddler play with an empty cardboard box? Sometimes the simplest things are the best tools to ignite a child's imagination and creativity. So this summer I am unplugging my kid. We'll be spending more time creating, playing, and exploring, and less time in front of the TV or computer. I think it'll be a welcome change for our family, and hopefully a long term one.


Nix Sidhe said...

I used to have one of those, sadly it was store bought and didn't last long. I am so glad you make things for your children.

Faye said...

that was extremely well written! I love the ribbon wand. maybe she has a future in rhythmic gymnastics? Is that your backyard? I found Stencilry, btw: but alas no Eddie stencils

Mary Beth said...

Hi. Thanks for the good links. I'm planning on making some ribbon kites too--ordered silk ribbon from Dharma and am planning on dyeing it. I totally agree--the simple things are best.