Friday, July 18, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane

This afternoon Autumn and I will be flying out to California to visit my mom and sister for a whole month! A month of sun and sand and decent Mexican food! Goodbye humidity, goodbye supersized insects, goodbye garbage filled harbor! Hello crystal clear Pacific!

The only bad part about this vacation is that my dear sweet Adam won't be joining us. See, he has this silly job thing that's keeping him here. Who needs those, anyhow? Rubbish.

We leave at 2:42, then we have an absurdly long layover in Georgia (luckily I've been told the airport there is huge so we shouldn't be too bored) and then finally, finally we'll be in sunny San Diego! Okay it won't be sunny when we get there, but still. Palm trees! In-N-Out Burger!
Can you tell I'm excited? I miss California so much. When I left there I felt like I left a bit of my heart behind, buried in the sands of La Jolla cove. It's my paradise, my answer to "if you could go anywhere in the world...".
It's not every day that we get the opportunity to spend a month in the most beautiful place in the world, so I fully intend to dig my toes into the sand, soak up every ray of sunlight I can find, and gorge myself on the aforementioned Mexican food without caring about how many calories I'm consuming or what I look like in a bikini. While we're gone I'll continue to blog about our trip with mostly photos and maybe a few words, because one really can't keep this kind of joy to oneself.

Au revoir, Maryland! I'm off to paradise.


Faye said...

wow I wanna go to San Diego. You make it sound like so much fun! We will miss you (I Have no idea who we is, I just made that up) can't wait to see photo essays.

Laura said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful time!