Thursday, February 28, 2008

Autumn Blogs: When I was at the doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctor. The doctors were so nice. They got some of my blood out from my arm with a tiny needle that hurt a little bit. I holded still on Mommy's lap and they poked me with the needle. My blood got sucked into a little pipe and they gave me a cool band aid. It had little black ducks on it, I think.And then they gave me a sticker! After that we left and got ice cream at the mall. It was chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. I bought a movie at the mall. It was Barbie Mariposa. My blood thing is feeling better now.


Frank said...

I'm glad your blood thing feels better! And the ice cream sounds YUMMY! (Is that what made it feel better? ;) )

capello said...

could you feel the blood going into the tube? isn't it weird?

Faye said...

Hey Kiddo,
you are so brave! I am glad that you had a good time at the mall. Enjoy your new Barbie movie.