Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentiney Goodness

Adam and I had plans to go to dinner last night, but my love has come down with yet another bad cold, not a week after recovering from the first one. He's what we call an overachiever. Nevertheless, we had a very nice family Valentine's Day.
There were pretty pink pillowcase dressesHandmade candy heart barrettes
A new hair color for Mommy
Sugar cookiesSparkling ciderAnd lots of hugs and kisses all around.
One odd thing Adam and I have in common is our love for zombies. Zombie movies, games, art, books, you name it. If it's undead, we think it's cool. My gift to him this year was this doll, a zombified version of myself, tearing out her heart out and offering it to him.Gory? Yes. Weird? Probably. Romantic? Absolutely, if you're us. He loved her and she sits in his office now, alongside Autumn's gift, a decorated frame holding her school picture.Hope you all had a lovely holiday, full of chocolate and flowers and those little heart-shaped paper doily things!

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Faye said...

Wow,ok then! I am not sure to go "awwww" or "ewwwww" at zombie!Xan. You are so talented. Your hair looks great!