Thursday, March 6, 2008

Crap I've learned recently

1. I'm not a fan of While You Were Out, but good lord does Mark Montano know how to get his craft on. I thought Dollar Store Decor was a fun book, but then I picked up The Big-Ass Book of Crafts during an impromptu weekend shopping trip. Oh. Holy. Craft. I want to make every single project in this book. Like, now. I decided to start with something I already had the materials for, so I made the Rolled Magazine Basket on page 281. Countless hours and hundreds of little paper circles later I've got an awesome trash can for our first floor bathroom.A garbage can made from garbage. How poetic.Oh, and the unfinished project makes a spiffy hat. Thanks, Autumn.

2. Our kitchen gets the most sunlight in the house and is therefore the best place to take pictures.

3. I will never, ever get tired of this song. Or this one. Or this one (check out the dresses on those dancers. Love.)

4. Making handmade paper is highly addictive.
5. When you're a young mama with laser beam red hair and (frickin' sweet) calf-length combat boots visiting a particularly stuffy craft fair full of older snooty art collectors, people tend to stare. And point. And whisper.
6. Autumn has, to my dismay, learned how to lie. Not well, but still. While she was taking a bath yesterday I told her it was time to wash her hair, and she shooed me from the room because she wanted to do it herself. I stepped out into the hallway until she called me back in.

Her: Mommy I'm DONE!
Me (walking in): Okay, great job--uh, Autumn, your hair is dry.
Her: No I washed it.
Me: No, you didn't even get it wet.
Her: I dried it.
Me: You washed your hair and then completely dried it by yourself even though there's no towel in here?
Her: Rosie helped me.
Me: You're telling me that your teddy bear helped you wash and dry your hair? Rosie's not even in here.
Her: Well she came in here and helped me and then she left.
Me: Autumn, I think you're telling a lie.
Her: No I'm not!

This went on for another minute or so before the child's pants burst into flames.


Alli said...

I love your trash can! I'm going to have to check out that book.

strawberrieshk said...

aw how cute!

Mary said...

That trashcan is brilliant! The boots are pretty awesome, too.

Faye said...

well you did say that you loved the fact that she was so creative! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trashcan, can't wait to see it in person. The combat boots are indeed, frickin sweet. I like the skull skirt as well (I am guessing, your handiwork).

NiRosha K said...

OMG! I absolutely loved this when I saw it on Craftster. Youv'e got an amazing blog. You're defintely going in my links list!

Poppy & Mei said...

You are HILARIOUS! Or should I say Autumn is hilarious. I didn't know I was on your list! I'm going to put you on mine right now! Xxx

Regina said...

That garbage can is so flippin' awesome!!! Love it! I have got to check out that book!

Frank said...

Oh man, I HEART that garbage can! How cool!

I say, "Let the old hags stare and whisper" They're just jealous!

Crabmommy said...

i truly must get me some of that magazine wastepaper basket. it's amazing. okay, i'm so getting that book. thanks for the tip

amanda. said...

Oh my god. I want that trash can. I suck at crafts but I just ordered the book. I can't wait to get it!