Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When Autumn asked me if I was going to have a birthday party and I said no, I just wanted to do something special with her and Adam, she gave me a look of utter disbelief and said "But Mommy, you have to have a party because this is your greatest celebration of the year!" So of course, I needed to don my most festive stripey stockings and celebrate.
I do love birthdays because they give me a reason to celebrate and indulge in very rich desserts. Yesterday the celebration was at the Rainforest Cafe, a favorite of mine because of the over-the-top, borderline tacky Disneyesque decor and atmosphere, and the dessert was this masterpiece:
The brownie volcano. A tower of warm, fudgy brownies, cool vanilla ice cream and rich, whipped cream, topped with caramel sauce. With a sparkler. Oh yes. This is my kind of birthday. The three of us were able to finish most of it, with just a chunk of brownie and some melty ice cream left on the plate. If it weren't for the pre-dessert crab dip and chimichanga I probably could have eaten the whole thing by myself. Mmm...
What was I saying? Oh yeah. Last weekend Adam took Autumn to the mall where she picked out some birthday gifts for me all by herself. Clockwise, from top left: Glow-in-the-dark stars, a Hello Kitty plushie, a Pokemon key chain, a green bear key chain with "ADAM" embroidered on his chest, Tinkerbell pens, a Hello Kitty ice pack, two Hello Kitty "magic towels", and a Hello Kitty velour coloring book.
These things amazed me because they gave me a glimpse at myself through her eyes. What was she thinking as she carefully selected each gift? Mommy likes stars. Mommy likes key chains. Mommy likes Adam. Mommy really likes Hello Kitty. She knows me so well. Isn't it incredible how the smallest children can pick up on these things simply by observing? I'll cherish every one of these gifts because I know how much thought she must have put into them.
Adam's gift to me this year is a new nose piercing. I had to take mine out last year and it closed up very quickly. He knew how much I missed it, so he's taking me to get it re-done.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Autumn and Adam's thoughtfulness has made this a wonderful birthday, and certainly my greatest celebration of the year.

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Faye Berman said...

You really do write beautifully. Reading your blog gives such a clear picture of what is going on with your family, it really is amazing. I am glad you had a good birthday, love the stripy stockings. Talk to you soon.