Monday, June 2, 2008

Crafts for my Kid

As the name implies, Craftster's Craft for my Kid Swap is a swap in which partners send handmade cuteness to each other's children based on their interests. I was partnered with a lovely mama in the UK and her two kiddos, 5-year-old Luke and 3-year-old Abby.

As I was running out the door to take their package to the post office today, I saw that our package had already been delivered! Of course Autumn had to tear into it as soon as we got home, but first here's what I made for our partners.

Drawstring backpacks-pink hearts for Abby and Transformers for Luke.

Abby's was filled with star shaped crayons, an apron and matching potholders for kitchen play. I absolutely love that apron fabric, especially paired with the aqua blue trim. Luckily I bought extra so I can make something for myself with it later on.

For Luke I sent a mixed media painting to hang in his bedroom, a "Super Luke" cape (which was photographed before ironing), and my favorite, a Power Rangers tee. Can you tell I used this swap to experiment with applique?

Autumn also drew pictures for each of them, which I forgot to photograph. She drew a family of pink and green fairies and Optimus Prime. And now what Autumn received:

A Transformers purse (how funny that we both made things with felt Transformers appliques) filled with chocolate coins, jewelry, fun erasers and a tiny pirate photo holder

A Spiderman tee (Autumn's favorite)

A picture frame, Transformers magnet puzzle, and a piratey door hanger

An adorable rainbow sock monkey

A sweet polka dotted dress, an inflatable shoulder parrot (awesome) and a little sewing kit

Needless to say, this swap was a lot of fun and I had an AMAZING partner. Everyone says Craftster swaps are addictive, and I'm beginning to see what they mean. I'm already signed up for another one for next month, and I'm thinking about joining another (or two or three).


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh my gosh! You have such cute things! I love the super hero stuff!

Andreanna said...

Wow that seems like a great swap! I may have to join in on craftster swaps since both what you gave and got is awesome!

Faye said...

wow that's a lot of stuff. I am glad Autumn liked her goodies. I love the stripey pirate door hanger, your partner clearly knew you well!

Anonymous said...

ive been involved with swaps (not thru craftser) and really gotten some crap. this makes me want to try again!

Carolyn...Online said...

What a great idea. How have I never heard of crafters? When my life slows down maybe I'll sign up. Bwaahaahaa - life slows down. Oh, sorry, made myself laugh.

I LOVE what you made!